Wolfgang Jarnach wearing a w'lfg'ng jacket - photographed by his brother Clemens in Oxford 2019


After studying fashion in London, UK, Wolfgang established his first Pop-Up shop featuring a collection for men and women already in 2010. Later, he launched the outdoor jacket brand w’lfg’ng.  After ten successful years in the European market, collection development was discontinued when Wolfgang departed the venture in 2020 to pursue his career in data intelligence and spent more time with his family.


In a digital age where convenience often trumps conscious consideration, Wolfgang discovered his love for film photography, when he inherited a Canon AE1. The conscious process of taking pictures with film and the anticipation of developing each roll add an element of excitement to the creative process. Through diverse lenses, he captures human experiences, celebrating life's fleeting moments with authenticity and depth.



Wolfgang Jarnach started his career close to 15 years ago in the fashion industry and brings more than a decade of expertise in data analytics. Formerly in consulting, he now serves as Director of Data Intelligence at Home Shopping Europe, leading the centralized data department and supervising digital product analytics, data platform management, business intelligence, and data science.