w'lfg'ng - shoot by wolfgang jarnach

Wolfgang was born in Germany, where he studied Fashion at AMD Akademie Mode & Design in Munich, followed by a master’s degree from Kingston University London, UK. He started his career crafting video and stage outfits for acclaimed British Pop Bands like Florence & the Machine and The XX in London, collaborating with industry giants such as Sony Music, Coachella Festival, and Swarovski.

In parallel, Wolfgang ventured into entrepreneurship, establishing his first Pop-Up shop featuring a collection for both men and women in Munich in 2010. This marked the beginning of his journey as a fashion entrepreneur, which later expanded with the launch of the outdoor jacket brand w’lfg’ng. His expertise extended beyond design, encompassing collection development, production in Asia, establishing a Europe-wide retail network, and managing the brand's online shop.

w'lfg'ng (pronounced as "Wolfgang") is was a Munich, Germany-based outerwear brand specializing in functional blousons, raincoats, and down jackets for both men and women. The mission was to craft subtle everyday jackets with hidden performance functions, resulting in highly developed garments suitable for the great outdoors yet grounded in metropolitan aesthetics. Drawing inspiration from the needs of mountaineering outerwear and living at the foot of the Alps, the designs are infused with practicality and style, offering the performance of big mountain equipment in well-tailored city coats.

In addition, w'lfg'ng is was the only premium brand that offers an interchangeable system of 3-in-1 jackets. With two types of jackets - shell jackets, always wind and rainproof, and insulated liner jackets - every jacket can be worn independently, while all are freely compatible with each other. The liner jackets attach to a hidden zip system on the inside of the jacket, ensuring that neither shell nor liner has any visible connective hardware when worn separately. This innovative system allows for versatility across different seasons, providing practicality and adaptability to the customers' everyday needs.

Despite a successful decade in the European fashion market, Wolfgang decided to pivot his career in 2020. He transitioned away from direct involvement in collection development to explore opportunities in data intelligence while also prioritizing quality time with his family.