Wolfgang Jarnach started his career close to 15 years ago in the fashion industry and brings more than a decade of expertise in data analytics. Formerly in consulting, he now serves as Director of Data Intelligence at Home Shopping Europe, leading the centralized data department and supervising digital product analytics, data platform management, business intelligence and data science.


Portrait Wolfgang Jarnach

Wolfgang was born in Germany, where he studied Fashion in Munich and later obtained his master’s degree in London, UK. In 2012, while working on video and stage outfits for British Pop Bands such as Florence & the Machine and The XX, he was also responsible for disseminating social media content in collaboration with partners like Sony Music, Coachella Festival, and Swarovski. Intrigued by this experience, he returned to Munich to work in the field of online marketing for clients in the non-profit sector including SOS-Kinderdorf and FIFA Football Technology & Innovation, as well as FIFA eSports. Later shifting his focus in consulting on data driven marketing automation for clients in diverse industries such as Europa Park, DFL, BAUR Versand, Henkel and Zeppelin Lab.

Over the past decade, he has focused on investigating online user behavior, search patterns, advertisement interaction, and the off- and on-page user journey, while also delving into business intelligence encompassing all facets of company data including financial, retail, buying and sales, customer, broadcasting, logistic, supply chain and fulfillment data. His expertise in data analytics extends to optimizing business operations and decision-making processes based on comprehensive insights derived from unifying these diverse data streams.
As a transformational leader, Wolfgang emphasizes autonomy, mastery and purpose, empowering and enabling his teams to deliver the mentioned capabilities effectively, fostering a culture of innovation and continuous improvement.

Occasionally, Wolfgang is a guest lecturer at different universities, including CBS International Business School and Universidad Pompeu Fabra (UPF) Barcelona, where he shares his insights on artificial intelligence, data architecture, and marketing automation. He also serves as a guest speaker at various conferences and meet-ups.

Simultaneously, Wolfgang is a fashion entrepreneur. In 2010, he established his first Pop-Up shop featuring his collection of shirts and trousers for men and women in Munich. Later, he launched the outdoor jacket brand w’lfg’ng. His expertise encompasses not only collection development and production in Asia, but also the establishment of a Europe-wide retail network and the management of the brand's online shop. After ten successful years in the European market, collection development was discontinued when Wolfgang departed the venture in 2020 to pursue his career in data intelligence and allocate more time to his family.