"It's the conscious decision of taking a picture that is so fascinating about shooting film"


Surfer in Echo Beach, Canggu shot from La Brisa Bali

In a digital age where convenience often trumps conscious consideration, Wolfgang remains steadfast in his love for film photography. It all began with a Canon AE1 passed down from his father, a relic from the late seventies that ignited Wolfgang's passion for capturing moments on film. Another AE1, this time from his Italian wife's grandfather, further cemented his bond with analog photography.

Today, Wolfgang uses different advanced-level SLR 35 mm film cameras. Their simplicity and reliability have made them his preferred tools for discreetly documenting the world around him.

What sets Wolfgang apart is his genuine appreciation for the conscious process of taking pictures with film. He values the limited number of shots available on a roll and the cost associated with each exposure, which makes him think twice about whether a particular image is truly worth capturing. This mindset of taking the picture and the anticipation of developing each roll add an element of excitement to the creative process. For him, this intentional approach heightens the significance of each photograph, allowing him to connect more intimately with his subjects and to tell their stories with authenticity.

Wolfgang's lens is drawn to the human experience in all its diversity—capturing the everyday moments that define our lives, the bustling energy of city streets, and the rich tapestry of cultures that make up our world.

In an era of instant gratification, film photography stands as a quiet reminder of mindful consideration. Through his work, Wolfgang celebrates the beauty of slowing down, of taking the time to savor the process and appreciate the fleeting moments that make life extraordinary.

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